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Solar Lottery Philip K. Dick 2000
Wither - The Chemical Garden 1 Lauren DeStefano 2000
What Happened to Serenity? P.J. Sarah Collins 2000
Nomansland Lesley Hauge 2000
The Elite - The Selection 2 Kiera Cass 2000
The Selection Kiera Cass 2000
Matched Ally Condie 2000
Air Geoff Ryman 2000
Clade Mark Budz 2000
The Prisoner Thomas M. Disch 2000
Soon Jerry Jenkins 2000
Freedom Lost Edward J. Kleinschmidt 2000
A State of Disobedience Tom Kratman 2000
Starship Kevin D. Randle 2000
American Empire: The Victorious Opposition Harry Turtledove 2000
The Second Angel Philip Kerr 2000
Degranon Duane Simolke 2000
Hyperthought M.M. Buckner 2000
The Man In The High Castle Philip K. Dick 2000
Silenced Jerry Jenkins 2000
Iron Council China Mieville 2000
The Man Who Japed Philip K. Dick 2000
The Dogs of Holly Warren Nathan Cardwell 2000
The Children of Men P.D. James 2000
Anthem Ayn Rand 2000
The Black Sounders Jean Pierre Hubert 2000
In Gaia's Tears Natalie Le Gendre 2000
My Petition For More Space John Hersey 2000
The Penultimate Truth Philip K. Dick 2000
Feral Helix Paul Copeland 2000
Solitaire Kelley Eskridge 2000
A Wizard in Bedlam - Rogue Wizard 2 Christopher Stasheff 2000
Futuretrack 5 Robert Westall 2000
Whole Wide World Paul McAuley 2000
Limbo Bernard Wolfe 2000
K is for Killing Daniel Easterman 2000
THX 1138 Ben Bova 2000
Farnham's Freehold Robert A. Heinlein 2000
The Golden Sword - Branion Series 4 Fiona Patton 2000
Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury 2000
The Giver Lois Lowry 1866.7
1984 George Orwell 1750
The Plot Against America Philip Roth 1600
21st Century Manzanar Perry Miyake 1400
A Gift from Earth Larry Niven 1400
Back in the USSA Eugene Byrne and Kim Newman 1400
Tagged Robert L. Wise 1400
Young Rissa F.M. Busby 1400
Slapstick, Or Lonesome No More Kurt Vonnegut 1400
The Merro Tree Katie Waitman 1400

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