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The Practice Effect David Brin 2000
Startide Rising - Uplift Saga 2 David Brin 2000
Contact Carl Sagan 2000
Foundation and Earth Isaac Asimov 2000
Foundation's Edge Isaac Asimov 2000
Necropolis Xina Marie Uhl 2000
The Smoke Ring Larry Niven 2000
Fantastic Voyage: Microcosm Kevin J. Anderson 2000
Deadman Switch Timothy Zahn 2000
Domain Steve Alten 2000
Fireworks James A. Moore 2000
The Miocene Arrow Sean McMullen 2000
Finity John Barnes 2000
Bone Walk Kevin Howe 2000
Light Music Kathleen Ann Goonan 2000
The Hercules Text Jack McDevitt 2000
Ancient Shores Jack McDevitt 2000
The Tenth Planet Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith 2000
The Silk Code Paul Levinson 2000
Probability Sun Nancy Kress 2000
The Secret Of Life Paul McAuley 2000
Resurrection Arwen Elys Dayton 2000
Balook Piers Anthony 2000
Warhorse Timothy Zahn 2000
In The Country Of The Blind Michael Flynn 2000
Dancing Suns Karen Daniels 2000
Threshold David R. Palmer 2000
Doorways in the Sand Roger Zelazny 2000
Coalescent - Destiny’s Children 1 Stephen Baxter 2000
The War Against the Rull A.E. Van Vogt 2000
Roadside Picnic Arkadi and Boris Strugatski 2000
The Calcutta Chromosome Amitav Ghosh 2000
The Blood of Heroes Matthew Perenchio 2000
Venus on the Half Shell Philip Jose Farmer 2000
Monday Begins on Saturday Arkadi and Boris Strugatski 2000
At Winter's End Robert Silverberg 2000
Icehenge Kim Stanley Robinson 2000
The Delphinus Chronicles R.G. Roane 2000
Operation Roswell Kevin D. Randle 2000
Vectors Michael Kube-McDowell 2000
Decipher Stel Pavlou 2000
The Rock - Area 51 Robert Doherty 2000
All Good Things... Michael Jan Friedman 2000
Beyond Infinity Gregory Benford 2000
The Child Goddess Louise Marley 2000
Neverness David Zindell 2000
Ringworld's Children Larry Niven 2000
Sandstorm James Rollins 2000
Pebble in the Sky Isaac Asimov 2000
Over the Edge Marilyn W. Lathrop 2000

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