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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
An Unsuitable Job for a Woman P.D. James 1000
The Procedure Peter Clement 1000
Death In Holy Orders P.D. James 1000
Lou Dunlop: Cliffhanger Glen Ebisch 1000
Lou Dunlop: Private Eye Glen Ebisch 1000
Fast Women Jennifer Crusie 1000
Cimarron Rose James Lee Burke 1000
Miss Pym Disposes Josephine Tey 1000
Deadly Exposure Leonard Goldberg 1000
Under My Skin Sarah Dunant 1000
Bedford Square Anne Perry 1000
One Last Goodbye Joyce and Jim Lavene 1000
Garnethill Denise Mina 1000
The Queen's Man Sharon Kay Penman 1000
Nine Coaches Waiting Mary Stewart 1000
Orchid Beach Stuart Woods 1000
Some Deaths Before Dying Peter Dickinson 1000
Southern Belle Steve M. Smith 1000
Right on the Money Emma Lathen 1000
Mystic River Dennis Lehane 1000
The Crepes Of Wrath Tamar Myers 1000
Suture Self Mary Daheim 1000
Oxford Fall Veronica Stallwood 1000
Dead of Winter P.J. Parrish 1000
Sugarplum Dead Carolyn Hart 1000
Bone Hunter Sarah Andrews 1000
The Third Victim Lisa Gardner 1000
The Tin Collectors Stephen J. Cannell 1000
Gladly the Cross-Eyed Bear Ed McBain 1000
The Heir Henry Luk 1000
Three Blind Mice Ed McBain 1000
Murder On A Girl's Night Out Anne George 1000
The Web Jonathan Kellerman 1000
Thus Was Adonis Murdered Sarah Caudwell 1000
The Ape Who Guards the Balance Elizabeth Peters 1000
In a Dry Season Peter Robinson 1000
The Long Lavender Look John D. MacDonald 1000
The Quick Red Fox John D. MacDonald 1000
Summer of the Danes Ellis Peters 1000
A Day No Pigs Would Die Robert Newton Peck 1000
Acqua Alta Donna Leon 1000
Coyote Waits Tony Hillerman 1000
Ghost Story Peter Straub 1000
To the Hilt Dick Francis 1000
Proof Dick Francis 1000
The Weaver's Tale Kate Sedley 1000
Missing Pieces Joy Fielding 1000
A Cold Red Sunrise Stuart Kaminsky 1000
Death of a Script Writer M.C. Beaton 1000
A Certain Justice P.D. James 1000

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