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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
True Believers Jane Haddam 1000
The Vorpal Blade Colin Forbes 1000
Parental Source Chris Freeburn 1000
The Emperor of Ocean Park Stephen L. Carter 1000
The Alpine Christmas Mary Daheim 1000
Taking the Fifth J.A. Jance 1000
The Pleasure of His Company: A Kendra Clayton Mystery Angela Henry 1000
The Shy Tulip Murders Rebecca Rothenberg 1000
Death at Wentwater Court Carola Dunn 1000
Eyewitness M.C. Beamon 1000
Flesh and Blood Joanthan Kellerman 1000
The Informer Akimitsu Takagi 1000
Crooked Heart Christina Sumners 1000
Greased Wheels Linda Mickey 1000
Celia: A Haunting Mystery Sharon Cullars 1000
Murder in China Red Dean Barrett 1000
The Kill-Off Jim Thompson 1000
Deja Dead Kathy Reichs 1000
The Old Fox Deceiv'd Martha Grimes 1000
Terror in the Tank Calley Moore 1000
Under Abnormal Conditions Erick D. Burgess 1000
A Cruel Season for Dying Harker Moore 1000
The Delicate Storm Giles Blunt 1000
Somebody Else's Music Jane Haddam 1000
Hotline to Danger Carolyn Keene 1000
Murder on the Orient Express Agatha Christie 1000
An Unsuitable Job for a Woman P.D. James 1000
A Little Death Laura Wilson 1000
A Place of Execution Val McDermid 1000
Hard Evidence Barbara D'Amato 1000
Oxford Knot Veronica Stallwood 1000
Hiding in Plain Sight Christine Janis 1000
Oxford Fall Veronica Stallwood 1000
Death and the Oxford Box Veronica Stallwood 1000
Bone Hunter Sarah Andrews 1000
By Hook or by Book D.R. Meredith 1000
Honest Doubt Amanda Cross 1000
Death of a Dentist M.C. Beaton 1000
Death and the Chaste Apprentice Robert Barnard 1000
The Salzburg Connection Helen MacInnes 1000
Three to Get Deadly Janet Evanovich 1000
Fast One Paul Cain 1000
The Sanctuary Sparrrow Ellis Peters 1000
Pale Gray for Guilt John D. MacDonald 1000
A Tan and Sandy Silence John D. MacDonald 1000
The Long Lavender Look John D. MacDonald 1000
The Quick Red Fox John D. MacDonald 1000
The Potter's Field Ellis Peters 1000
Muse Michael Cecilione 1000
Summer of the Danes Ellis Peters 1000

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