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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Breach of Trust D.W. Buffa 1000
The Black Piano Constance Little and Gwenyth Little 1000
Princess Charming Jane Heller 1000
Name Dropping Jane Heller 1000
The Big Kill Mickey Spillane 1000
The Black Echo Michael Connelly 1000
Evil Under the Sun Agatha Christie 1000
House Report Deborah Nicholson 1000
Shadow over Scorpio Juanita Coulson 1000
Dust to Dust Lillian Stewart Carl 1000
Triple Threat Elizabeth Dearl 1000
Memory and Desire Lillian Stewart Carl 1000
Three Bedrooms, One Corpse Charlaine Harris 1000
Shakespeare's Champion Charlaine Harris 1000
To Shield the Queen Fiona Buckley 1000
Shakespeare's Landlord Charlaine Harris 1000
The Cranefly Orchid Murders Cynthia Riggs 1000
Steps To The Altar Earlene Fowler 1000
Paint It Black P.J. Parrish 1000
Murder At the Vicarage Agatha Christie 1000
Invitation To A Funeral Molly Brown 1000
Murder on Rye Shirley A. Prather 1000
Dead Tide Jeannine Kadow 1000
Don't Look Back Amanda Quick 1000
Wildfire at Midnight Mary Stewart 1000
The Clinic Jonathan Kellerman 1000
Deceit Clare Francis 1000
HNIC Gregory Keith Morris 1000
The Killing of Jeremy Taylor Jeffrey R. Allen 1000
Shadow Of Doubt Linda Morelli 1000
After Midnight Merline Lovelace 1000
Taking the Fifth J.A. Jance 1000
Hotspur Rita Mae Brown 1000
Killer Looks Laura Young 1000
Body Wave Nancy J. Cohen 1000
Ghost Image Joshua Gilder 1000
Kisscut Karin Slaughter 1000
Icing Ivy Evan Marshall 1000
Crooked Heart Christina Sumners 1000
Terror in the Tank Calley Moore 1000
Hotel Riviera Elizabeth Adler 1000
Walking on Water Gemma O'Connor 1000
The Alibi Sandra Brown 1000
Marked by Magic Teresa Louise Stanisha 1000
Divided In Death J.D. Robb 1000
Dark of the Moon Tess Pendergrass 1000
Reflections Jo Bannister 1000
The Last Lesson Donna Conger 1000
Things In Ditches Jimmy Olsen 1000
The Chandler Apartments Owen Hill 1000

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