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Sookie, the telepathic heroine who has been meddling with different supernatural beings, strikes again as she goes to Fangtasia, the vampire-owned bar in Louisiana. Pam welcomes Sookie and informs her that her maker, Eric, is full of happiness. Pam asks about her brother Jason, and she tells her that he has plans of getting married. They enter Eric's office and he just ignores her despite the fact that they once had an intimate relationship, which Eric could not remember as he had amnesia from a witch's curse. The room is jam-packed. She sees Clancy, the bar manager who also suffered from the witches' wrath, Felicia, the bartender, with Indira and Maxwell Lee. She also sees Bill, her ex-boyfriend whom she does not want to see anymore because of his lies, Thalia who is an ancient vampire, Andre who is the personal bodyguard of the Queen, and Jake Purifoy, a werewolf turned vampire who attacked Sookie in the previous book. Andre shows Sookie a sign of tribute by offering her a chair. To be polite, Sookie asks Andre about the queen, and he says that she is part of the reason why they are all in the room. Andre informs everyone that the Queen is living in Baton Rouge, with the Area Four Sheriff named Gervaise. This has been the damage caused by the Hurricane Katrina on their property in New Orleans. Human politicians are requesting her to go back to New Orleans to boost the tourism in the city. Andre reports the damages to the property and hints that the area sheriffs will pay for it. Eric asks about the queen's entertainment estate, and Andre informs him that there were looters and other minor damages in that property as well. In addition, they lost about 40 vampire personnel in Louisiana and Mississippi. Sookie raises a question about why the kings and queens do not have a weather predictor on their staff. Andre tells her that it was due to the delays in the summit. Clancy asks about a suit filed by a vampire named Jennifer Cater. Pam tells Sookie that Jennifer is training to become Peter Threadgill's assistant. She says that the Queen lured the King of Arkansas to New Orleans to kill him. The Queen says it is for her own survival but she still pays for the reparation. Sookie knows what happened so she tells everyone. She feels that Andre touched her and realizes that she is the only one who knows that Andre killed the King. Her heart skips a beat, which alerts all the vampires. Although everyone seems to have moved on, Eric still remembers the scene. Andre informs them that the Queen obliges Sookie to be near her during the Summit.
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The following day, Quinn visits Sookie at her house. Since Quinn is a very busy man, she asks for some commitment from him. Quinn tells her that he will take a month off from work to spend time with her. Amelia returns to her house with news that she could not find her mentor after Hurricane Katrina. Sookie receives a phone call from Jason who tells her to go to the were-panther community called Hotshot in an hour. Jason also informs her that Crystal is pregnant again after the miscarriage and they are getting married. Sookie, Amelia and Quinn drive to Hotshot. She learns that she needs to vouch for Jason because she is his only living relative. If they are not faithful or if they spill the secrets of the were-panthers, Sookie will be accountable. Sookie uses her mind reading ability and finds out that Jason is sincere, while Crystal is not. Quinn and Sookie leave after the ceremony, while Amelia stays with a shifter.
The following day at Merlotte's, Selah Pumphrey confronts Sookie and asks her how long she has been luring Bill to get back with her. Sookie gets mad and Sam intervenes. He tells Selah that she is no longer welcome at the bar. Claudine arrives at Sookie's house and she is anxious about Sookie's safety in the vampire summit. As Sookie's fairy godmother, she will not be able to protect her with so many vampires around. Claudine is also concerned that if someone knows that Sookie has a telepathic ability, someone may take advantage of her. Sookie ponders on the thought and thinks about her motivations for going to the summit. She concludes that it may be just for the money. Pam visits her at the bar. Pam is worried about Eric because he has changed since he learned that he had some feelings for Sookie which he could not remember. Sookie informs her that he might be worried about something else. Pam tells her about Eric revealing Bill's plan in the previous book. Amelia arrives and she and Pam become friends. Arlene, Sookie's co-worker and friend, is being judgmental towards her because she is now a member of the anti-vampire group Fellowship of the Sun. Pam informs Sookie that she and Eric do not know the Queen's plans that involve Sookie. Pam also gives a background in her life as a human and as a vampire. She asks Sookie to have mercy on Eric because she wants to make her maker happy. Eric arrives at the bar, and gets mad at Pam for interfering. He suddenly kisses Sookie but she pulls away because she thinks of Quinn. Sookie clarifies that no one owns her. Eric tells her that he wonders why he ran to Sookie when he had amnesia. Sookie tells him that it was her fairy blood that drove him, but Eric says no, and leaves.   
The next day, Sookie arrives at the airport with Amelia. Bobby, Eric's daytime guy, recognizes her and he makes Sookie carry her own bag. Amelia says something and suddenly Bobby becomes polite. On the plane, Sookie sees Mr. Cataliades, Diantha, and Johan Glassport who is a vampire law specialist. They arrive in the Pyramid of Gizeh hotel where the vampire Summit will take place. The vampires are inside their coffins since it is daytime. There are protestors which worries Sookie because the vampires are helpless. The front desk does not check them in instantly and Sookie reads his mind. She tells him that if he does not give the keys fast and tell them the location of the vampires, she will inform his boss about his illegal activities in the hotel. Sookie shares a hotel room with Carla, Gervaise's girlfriend. She learns that there is another telepath in the hotel, which is Barry the Bellboy, so she greets him mentally. She goes to the Queen's room and the Queen asks about her opinion of Johan and tells her that she needs to attend meeting with humans, too. Stan Davis, the newly-promoted King of Arkansas, arrives with Barry. Sookie gets a phone call from the front desk about a package. They practice their telepathic ability and they realize that Barry is good at finding who is thinking, and Sookie is good at getting the details. They also learn that their power increases when they hold hands. They continue practicing until Quinn shows up. Barry gets angry because Sookie does not know important things about Quinn. Batanya, a warrior from a different dimension called Britlingen, arrives as a protector of the King of Kentucky. Sookie goes back to the Queen's room and fills her up with the Britlingen. The Queen praises Sookie and it makes Andre jealous. The Queen and Sookie visit Jennifer in her room only to find her dead body. Batanya, Todd Donati, the head of security, and Christian Baruch, the hotel manager arrive at the crime scene. The Queen protects Sookie from security and the hotel manager. Henrik Feith, a vampire informs them about the dead vampires. Mr. Cataliades informs them that the king's property will be the queen's as long as his second-in-command is not alive, and there must be a witness. He adds that the Queen needs to marry again so she can form an alliance. Sookie asks the Queen about her children and she says that it is her talent to keep them loving each other. Sookie suggests to make Andre the king, and the Queen agrees.
At the event, Barry and Sookie notice that the Summit lacks security. The King of Mississippi and the King of Indiana arrive together, which means that they are about to get married. Rasul and Jake Purifoy arrive next. Quinn starts the ritual and Eric, who apparently was ordained online, performs the ceremony. Sookie asks Jake about Quinn. He tells her that Quinn's mother was trapped by hunters as a tiger, and when she changed into a woman, they abused her. Quinn tracked the hunters and killed them all. He sought help from the vampires to clean up his acts, and he was indebted with them. He fought in the pits for them for three years, and now that the arrangement is done, he takes care of Frannie, his little sister. The King of Kentucky asks the Queen to send Sookie away because she sets him off. She goes to the front desk to get the package from the call they received earlier. Andre follows her and forces her to feed from him to strengthen the connection between Sookie and the Queen. Eric arrives and Sookie tells that she has drunk from Eric before and will only do it with Eric. Since Eric is connected to both Andre and the Queen, that means that Sookie is, too. Andre insists that they need to drink from each other and they agree. Quinn arrives and gets enraged by the scene. She goes to where the suitcase is and a hotel personnel called Joe helps her. She notices that Joe's mind is shielded. Outside the queen's room, Sookie finds a soda can and tells Batanya that it might be a bomb. Batanya leaves Sookie to let the King escape. Quinn arrives with Todd and asks Sookie to drop down the can, or give it to him but Sookie declines. Eric also arrives at the moment. Sookie gives it to the bomb squad and she collapses to the floor. The Queen, Andre, and a lot of other vampires appear. Sookie feels something different because of her blood bond with Eric.
The following day, Sookie gets a call from Quinn that the trial has begun and the Queen needs her to attend. She walks in court with Andre and she sees an ancient vampire named Ancient Pythoness. Henrik Feith. Whom the Queen offered refuge, testifies against her. Sookie learns that Henrik was told that the Queen planned to kill her, so Sookie interferes and tells him that the Queen does not plan to kill him. She realizes that because of Eric's blood, she can now listen to vampire's thoughts. Sookie tells the Pythoness everything she heard. Before Sookie testifies, the Pythoness pronounces the Queen innocent, and therefore, Arkansas is hers. Henrik was shot with a wooden shaft and all the vampires take cover. Quinn defends Sookie and gets hit by an arrow. Eric tells Sookie that he would have flung himself at Sookie to defend her even if that means he would die. They discover the vampire who threw the arrows was named Kyle Perkins.
Eric and Sookie dance at the party. She then remembers to visit Quinn. She goes to Jake and before she enters the room, she heard someone said “they should all die,” and Jake informs her that Quinn is not with him. Quinn and Sookie had a talk, and Quinn tells her that he likes her and does not want to share her with anyone else, which Sookie confirms. As she leaves, she sees Clovache and tells her about the Fellowship of the Sun planning war against the vampires in the day of the Summit.
The next morning, she and Barry talk about the events telepathically. Sookie receives a note from bill about archery places because the previous assassin was clearly an archer before he was a vampire. Todd tells Sookie that his boss plots against the Queen and they should make use of the security tape from the camera in front of her room. Barry and Sookie know the archery place and go there only to find that there was a break-in and the clerk is dead. When they go back to the hotel, Sookie tells Eric about the event. Bill arrives then, and Sookie leaves. Sookie tells Andre that Christian must have planted the bomb, and also told Henrik about the false assassination, so the Queen will be saved by Christian.
The next morning, Sookie wakes up by a telepathic call from Barry. She knows that something is wrong so she goes to him and finds Jake's body on the floor, pointing at Sookie's room. Sookie realizes that Joe set up coffins and luggages in different parts of the hotel, and Jake would set up the luggages with explosives. Diantha, Mr. Cataliades, Barry and Sookie set off the fire alarms. Barry saves his master, Sookie lets Mr. Cataliades and Diantha save the Queen and Andre, and she goes to Pam and Eric. The explosions start as Sookie enters Eric's room. Sookie wakes Eric up, they secure Pam in a coffin, and they break the glass windows to escape. Eric flies to save Sookie, and he saves Pam from burning in the sunlight by covering her. Sookie helps Bill and Quinn. She knows that Andre is hurt, but Quinn tells her to leave. Quinn stakes Andre to protect Sookie. Sookie and Barry help out with the search by listening to brains that are alive.
The next morning, Mr. Cataliades informs her that the Queen lost her legs, Gervaise is dead, Diantha and Rasul are missing, Eric, Bill, Pam, Cleo and Sigebert are alive. Sookie tells him that Christian plotted it to marry the Queen with hopes of establishing a vampire hotel in New Orleans. Barry wonders who killed the Arkansas vampires. They figure that Sigebert did the killings as ordered by the Queen. Sookie visits Quinn and Frannie offers to let Sookie drive her car to Louisiana. As she arrives home, Amelia greets her and Tara stops by to tell her she married JB Du Rone. Sookie knows that Tara wants to forget her bad memories, and she knows she needs to forget that Quinn staked Andre.
Best part of story, including ending: I like the story because Sookie puts her ability into good use, Eric finally admits that he loves Sookie, and Sookie has doubts with Quinn.

Best scene in story: My favorite scene was when Sookie discovers the bomb because that was when the mystery really started. Everything seems to be suspicious after that.

Opinion about the main character: I like Sookie because after seven books, she is still interesting, and I feel like there is a lot more to know about her.

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Composition of Book Descript. of chases or violence 60%planning/preparing, gather info, debate puzzles/motives 20%Feelings, relationships, character bio/development 10%Descript. of society, phenomena (tech), places 10% Tone of book    -   suspenseful (sophisticated fear) FANTASY or SCIENCE FICTION?    -   fantasy story on current Earth Magical Beings/Mental/Magical/Powers    -   Yes magical powers:    -   vampires    -   telepath (scifi) Is this an adult or child's book?    -   Adult or Young Adult Book

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Identity:    -   Female Profession/status:    -   servant Age:    -   20's-30's If magical mental powers:    -   mind reading


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