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Plot Summary Part 2

Anne shared in the glory of this perverse failure because she was the navigator.

When they get back to America, they notice something is missing: their baby. He's been kidnapped!

Anne spends the next 50 pages moaning about her lost baby. The baby was kidnapped but died when its brains got bashed in by the kidnapper. They found the baby's remains in a garbage dump a year and a half later. Anne spends another 50 pages moaning about her babies's rotted remains.

Anne spreads her legs and reproduces several more times.

Meanwhile Elizabeth, Anne's lesbian sister, falls in loves with a man and marries him! Maybe she realizes that chicks don't have dick. P_nis is a powerful inducement for lesbians to turn back to men again.

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In the next part of the book, Charles and Anne go to Nazi Germany, ostensibly to admire the German air force which will soon crush the rest of Europe. Anne realizes that with his blonde features that Charles looks very much like Hitler youth.

Charles wants to move to Germany. He meets Hermann Goring and is given the highest Nazi award, the Iron Cross. Charles believes Jews in America control the media and are painting the Nazi's in a bad light and pushing America towards war. Charles believe that those of the "northern races" should fight together against "inferior" races like the Chinese and the Russians. Charles believes that Jews have too much influence over President Roosevelt. Charles enjoyed getting the Nazi salute from other Nazis.

But when Hitler started killing Jews, Charles was puzzled. He didn't know why Hitler was doing this.  But it's too late for Lindbergh. He has been labeled a Nazi sympathizer in the American press. Charles refuses to return his Iron Cross medal. He likes it!

Charles goes back to America and gives speeches saying that Jewish influence is driving America to war. He is labeled, accurately, as an anti-Semite. Charles tells Anne that he wants her to speak out against going to war. He says that now that he is tarred with anti-Semitism that she is more respected than he is. Anne is reluctant to speak out but agrees because Charles nags her. When Anne speaks out against going to war against the Nazi's, she is labeled a Nazi lover too. She said she didn't like the Nazi's as they are now, but Anne wrote that they had had some good ideas in the past.

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