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Luke Skywalker is disturbed by Force-resonating images of a "man that does not exist"; an enemy whose power and cruelty reminds him of his own father, Darth Vader. This elusive enemy stalks Luke's thoughts, appearing only in vague premonitions and showing no true signs that he even exists in the here and now or in the future. These images coincide with a very real threat to both his family and the galaxy at large; Corellia, homesystem of Han Solo,...
Star Wars X-Wing Iron Fist
In the sequel to Wraith Squadron, Wedge Antilles and his X-Wing fighter squadron continue to battle against Warlord Zsinj. There are some new additions to the team and everyone works together to come up with a workable idea to destroy Zsinj. They decide to pose as pirates seeking to join Zsinj's forces. They must pass some deadly tests to be accepted to his forces as well as avoiding their own patrols. The situation is complicated by disguises and a ...
Star Wars X-Wing Solo Command
In the finale of this series, the New Republic's enemy warlord Zsinj reappears. The Wraith squadron joins Han Solo's combat task force to help defeat him. The team discovers the identity of the mole and the legendary fighter pilot Baron Fel also devastates their forces. Some of the x-wing pilots must come to terms with their issues before they can truly deal with the challenges of defeating the warlord. If they don't suceed Warlord Zsinj will win....
Starfighters of Aduman - Star Wars, X-Wing 9
In "Starfighters of Adumar," General Wedge Antilles is sent to the newly discovered planet of Adumar to help negotiate its entrance into the New Republic. Upon landing planet-side, Antilles discovers that his primary brief at the onset of the mission does not agree entirely with what he sees. He eventually finds out the truth and is betrayed by his own diplomat. The betrayal leads a war between the nations of Adumar for control of the planet, and of cou...

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Wraith Squadron
Wedge Antilles forms a starfighter squadron out of military washouts. They have to defeat a cunning enemy using their unique abilities....

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