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Author Takagi's Book Reviews

The Informer
Shigeo Segawa, former stockbroker, has hit bottom. Years ago he gave up his beloved, Eiko Murozaki, and allowed her to marry their rich friend, Shoichi Ogino; some years afterwards, he was fired for manipulating stocks. One day he meets Kazumi Yamaguchi, who once substituted Eiko in Segawa's mind, and along with friend Shozo Ogushi they lead him into a seemingly stable job with Mikio Sakai, a small-time goods trader. Sakai's operation, however, is actu...
The Tattoo Murder Case
Kinue Nomura, scion of a family of Japanese tattooers, is brutally murdered after World War II, and her torso, containing a very beautiful tattoo, goes missing. Kenzo Matsushita, a forensics specialist and brother of Tokyo Police Chief Detective Daiyu Matsushita, is the most interested in solving the case, for he loved Kinue in the last days of her life. Enter Kyosuke Kamizu - Kenzo's old college friend, a fellow forensics guy known as the "Boy Genius" f...