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The Ghost and Mrs. McClure
Penelope McClure is a young widow who leaves the high-powered world of New York publishing for her small hometown, where her aunt needs help reviving the family business, a bookstore. Little does anyone know that the ghost of a 1949 murder victim resides in the building, but it is well known that the private eye Jack Shephard was killed there. Penelope discovers the ghost because of her surprising, and initially disturbing, ability to converse with him...
The Ghost and the Dead Deb
Mrs. McClure, a co-owner of the "Buy the Book" bookshop, is out to solve a crime when an author of a unsolved mystery gets killed. With the help of the ghost PI Jack Shepard who is more like Philip Marlowe, Mrs. Clure does find the answers. The banter that goes on beween Mrs. Mc Clure and the ghost Jack Shepard are with light humor. ...