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Double Deceit
Alexandra is six feet tall, in her twenties, and unmarried. Her father has convinced her that she is unlovable, and she would rather study archeology anyway. The she learns that her notorious gamester father has won a substantial estate from the Linden family. Tony Linden learns that his family has lost their estate in a game. He immediately decides to court the new owner, and hopefully keep the estate in the family. Because of Tony's bad reputati...
The Rake and the Wallflower
Shy bookworm Mary and her vain sister Laura are being given a Season in London by their older sister. Laura quickly amasses a bevy of suitors, but Mary dislikes the rush to catch a husband. At a party, she accidentally bumps into Lord Grayson, and they form an unlikely friendship. Although she quickly falls for Grayson, she considers herself too plain and clumsy for him. Laura, unaware of Mary's love for Grayson but intrigued by his shady past, set...