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Bravo Two Zero
Bravo Two Zero is the radio call sign for a British SAS patrol dropped off behind enemy lines during the Gulf War. Their mission was to destroy Iraq Scud missile sites that threatened Israel. They are compromised and have to attempt to make it seventy-five miles through the desert to Syria. Some are killed, one makes it, and the rest are captured. Author Sgt. Andy McNab vividly describes the torture he and his imprisoned comrades endured in the botto...
Deep Black
In Andy McNab's seventh fictional novel, Nick Stone takes on a job as a minder for Jerry, a newspaper photographer in Baghdad. After the two meet in Sarajevo, Eastern Europe during the war years, they meet in Washington DC. Jerry is after a photograph of an Islamic fundamentalist who is intent on fighting a consumer war rather than a killing war. Nuhanovic, this man, is very elusive, and Jerry expects to find him in Baghdad. After encounters with the US...
Looking for work, Nick Stone takes work for a Russian Mafia Boss. This is to pay for his step-daughters mental treatment. But blood money comes in many colours.......
Last Light
Nick Stone, now a down-and-out bum living in a hostel in London, is the mug who does the jobs British Intelligence doesn't want to be associated with for the price of a new shirt. This year he is sent to Panama to carry out an extremely covert assassination, but finds his bosses have lied to him about his mission....

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