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blastfromthepast! posts on 10/22/2009 5:25:27 PM Hi, anybody here? - at McNab's first home. What books have I missed? Last read was Aggressor!
CIA posts on 4/25/2007 11:36:29 PM Quite possibly they realize you are insane? And even more so for posting a number here for the world to see? Just askin!
Just Mike posts on 4/25/2007 3:25:33 PM From Just Mike, To Andy And Chris, Pete And Buddy, How Come U dONT Answer My Mobile Calls.On O7876014271 Are You Afraid Of The Truth Guys.

posts on 5/18/2006 3:52:16 AM Sarah go hire the B20 movie. Just prepare yourself for a documentary like film instead of a Hollywood blockbuster.
posts on 5/11/2006 10:46:44 AM just thought someone might be interested dont get touchy
posts on 4/30/2006 4:28:14 PM Not intrested unless they're SAS me "A". Please only discuss this author too.
posts on 4/27/2006 10:28:01 AM ooh ive been advised to read Kayla Williams stuff too if anyones interested
posts on 4/23/2006 11:37:28 AM Hi, Sarah. Not sure I'd "recommend" the movie version of B20 particularly, but it's worth at least one viewing. However, if you're asking either-or, then there's no comparison: Read the book, absolutely!
posts on 4/22/2006 11:28:05 AM would anyone recommend the film version of Bravo Two Zero starring Sean Bean or should i stick to the book
posts on 4/16/2006 10:19:20 AM Well Spuddy i'll wait for the book then...i still deserve some recognition IM 15! i shouldnt even know half the language he uses...
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