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Death in Dublin
Morrow, Jan 2003, 23.95, 304 pp. ISBN: 0060522577 In Dublin, Trinity College Security Chief Raymond Sloan abets two felons in bypassing the protection afforded to one of Ireland's most precious treasures, the Book of Kells. The thieves take two of the four tomes plus two other priceless books and stuff their insider ally into the hermetically sealed vault so that Raymond dies from suffocation. Chief Superintendent of Serious Crimes Unit Pete...
The Death Of An Irish Sinner
THE Morrow, Jun 2001, 24.00, 280 pp. ISBN: 0380977982 Father Fred Duggan informs Chief Superintendent Peter McGarr of the Dublin police that his benefactor Mary-Jo Stanton died under suspicious circumstances. Peter visits the Catholic compound owned by the deceased, who, on first observation, seems to have peacefully died while tending her garden. However, around the victim's neck is a cilicio, a medieval device that as it is tightens chokes a pe...