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Mcdonnel posts on 5/3/2009 7:13:38 PM I think you make an interesting point about the timing of B. Gill's death. It's suspicious. I just started Death of an Irish Sinner; finished 2 Gill's books starring Peter McGarr. I'll borrow any of Gill's books the library has after that. Excellent literature!
Carl Martin posts on 3/31/2009 8:45:12 PM I have just in the last month discovered the McGarr novels in our library. On looking up the author via the net I read that he died in a fall. Call me a conspiracy theorist,but I find it suspicious, that so soon after writing a novel that slated Opus Dei, a fit outdoors man falls from a window and dies.
David Powers posts on 7/19/2008 10:37:21 PM I have just, in the past 2 weeks, discovered Bartholomew Gill and his McCarr novels and have completed 6. Today, going online, I found that this author died in 2002. What a loss. As a retired police detective I have really enjoyed these novels and plan on reading all of them in the future.

Mary Tyler posts on 12/7/2006 2:58:04 PM Which of Bartholomew Gill's books is the most difficult to find?

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