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Tor, Jul 2004, 24.95, 304 pp. ISBN: 0765310988 In Breakwater, California, thirteen year old Alison “Ali” Warner knows her protests against the cutting down of trees means nothing to the lumber industry, but feels she must do so anyway. After Ali buys a sub to take with her on her trek up the mountainside, three foot Paddy O'Connell accosts her trying to sell her all sorts of items that he obviously has no idea what they do. She says no, but giv...
Magic Fire
Mark Charm is a high school senior who has a crush on a beautiful and talented schoolmate, Jessa Wellings. One night, after seeing her star in a performance of her play, Mark meets Jessa in her dressing room to make his feelings known to her. To his delight, she goes out with him, but he soon finds that there is something peculiar about Jessa. She insists that he take a special drug called MAZE with her - a drug that supposedly makes them "see reality...
The Last Vampire
The last vampire on earth learns her creator vampire is still alive and hunting her down to be in Krishna's grace. She enlists the help of a young man who reminds her of the husband she left behind when she was forced to become a vampire....
The Season of Passage
Dr. Wagner hears voices what can they possibly mean? Her younger sister believes they are a prophecy of demise for the team. The team has been put together including Dr. Wagner. Astronauts are being sent to Mars to find out what happened to the missing Russian group sent two years prior. The find a survivor on Mars and it leads to the discovery of past events....

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Whisper of Death
Rox and her boyfriend leave town to have an abortion. When they return, they find every living being in their town has vanished except three other teenagers. Curiously all five have a connection with Betty Sue, a young storyteller who committed suicide months ago. As the five wander through the empty town, they find stories Betty Sue wrote before her death that prophesize how each of the five teenagers will die. One by one, the teens are killed in g...

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