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Morgan's Run
Colleen McCullough's account of the First Fleet transportation of convicts from Britain to New South Wales (Australia) is lengthy. The main character, Richard Morgan is actually an ancestor of her husband. Because of the injustice riddling the court system and conviction of felons in 18th century Britain, this hard working, loving family man, son of a tavern owner in Bristol, is put on one of the 11 ships of the First Fleet and endures the gruelling one ...
Song of Troy
"In The Song of Troy, the bestselling author of The Thorn Birds recounts the tale of Helen and Paris, the immortal lovers who doomed two great nations to a terrible war. It is told through the eyes of its main characters: the sensuous and self indulgent Helen; the subtle and brilliant Odysseus; the sad old man Priam, King of Troy; the tormented warrior prince, Achilles; and Agememnon, King of Kings, who consents to the unspeakable in order to launch hi...
The Thorn Birds
Young Meggie falls in love with a priest, and searches for answers regarding her religious beliefs, preferences in love, and where the future lies for both. Her love interest adores Meggie, but finds he is torn from doing the right thing when it comes to love, and his devotion to the Church. Meggie's life is followed from childhood, as a brow-beaten child growing up in rural Australia, to womanhood, where she must live with the choices that she has mad...
The Touch (Literature)
The book begins with an abrupt change of scenery as Elizabeth Drummond, a sixteen year-old girl living under the oppressive rule of her father, is shipped from Scotland to Australia to meet her intended husband, Alexander Kinross. Within a day she is married to Kinross, a wealthy entrepeneur, whom she immediately realizes she will never love. During his internal struggle with Elizabeth's lack of affection, Alexander continues a true love affair wit...

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The Touch (Romance)
Elizabeth Drummond arrives in Sydney after a difficult voyage to meet her husband-to-be for the first time. She discovers though to her dismay, that he frightens and repels her at once, and reminds her of a devil. Offered no other choice though, she marries him and is whisked once again across a wild uninhabited countryside to Alexander's own town. His town is named Kinross after himself, and in the cages above it lies the world's largest gold mine. F...

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