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Angels and Demons
In this prequel to "The Da Vinci Code", Mr. Langdon attempts to discover the killer of a prominent physicist who was looking to prove that science and religion are intermingled. He crosses paths with the Vatican, along with the Swiss Guard, but the most surprising and unexpected twist occurs at the end, when the real murderer is discovered....
Deception Point
Rachel Sexton, a gister (data summarizer) for the National Reconnaissance Office, gets an unexpected meeting with the President of the United States. Before she knows it, she is up at the North Pole, examining one of the greatest finds in the history of mankind. NASA found a meteorite containing life from outer space! This meteorite could win the election for current President Herney, because his adversary, Senator Sexton, is a popular critic of N...
Digital Fortress
NSA is America's top security agency. Its operations are so secret that it is aptly nicknamed “No such agency”. Top cryptographer genious Susan Fletcher, gets an urgent call from her boss, Commander Strathmore, to come to work on a holiday. She is given the shocking news that TRANSLTR, the NSA's incredibly fast and infallible code-breaking machine against which even the best computer encryption software is useless, is facing its nemesis. It is grappling ...
Robert Langdon the historical scholar specializing in symbolism is being hounded by someone and he has to find out why. Robert Langdon wakes up in a hospital bed suffering from amnesia. A woman tries to kill him and he is saved by a doctor, Sienna. That is the beginning of his search for the people who are out to kill him. He is plagued by visions of this beak nosed green eyed mask. Sienna finds a canister which is a biotube in Robert's coat pocket. ...

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The Da Vinci Code
Robert Langdon, famous Harvard historian, is in Paris, giving a lecture. He has an appointment with a Louvre curator who doesn't show up, and later that night finds out that the curator has been murdered. He finds himself accused of the murder and teams up with French cryptologist Sophie Neveu. They find out that the late curator was a high ranking member of the Priory of Sion, a secret society protecting an ancient relic, hidden for centuries. The...

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