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Eleven-year-old Candy Foster-Smith is a genius, a prodigy, and due to her unauthorized exploration of the family bomb shelter, possibly the only survivor of a Russian bioweapon attack (note: published 1984). Upon emergence from the shelter, Candy finds evidence that she represents another form of emergence--that of a new species, Homo post hominem, consisting of the best and brightest as well as the most dangerous malcontents, but all possessing a natura...
A rip-roaring 'only you can save the entire universe' space-opera. Peter is a product of an alien breeding scheme on Earth: a multi-billionaire, superb athlete, pilot, etc. On his own island for a vacation he is interrupted by the spectacular arrival of Meg (the love interest) and Memphus (an alien in a cat's body). Meg tells him only he can save the universe from an anti-energy being. What follows is total action adventure, on earth, in space and on Isi...