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Isle of Palms
Berkley, Jul 2003, 22.95, 410 pp. ISBN: 0425191362 Sit back with a mint julep and follow the thoughts of divorced single mom Anna Lutz Abbot. As a hairdresser, she knows everyone's skeletons as she hears more confessions than the College of Cardinals would hear in their combined lifetimes. Now Anna has scandals in her own life. As a high school senior, her grandma who raised her and the local minister arranged a date between their two charges....
Shem Creek
Berkley, Aug 2004 ISBN: 0425196089 Linda Breland flees New Jersey to come home to the Carolina Low Country because she worries about her two teen daughters and a cash shortage that would improve with a lower cost of living. It does not hurt her to also leave behind her former spouse Fred who she divorced five years ago and who is remarrying a younger woman. Linda told her two children that they are going to her hometown area on a vacation fai...