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A Dragon's Ascension
With the Sleeping King dead, the bindings between him and the Serpent are broken, leaving the Band of Four to defend Aglirta from the Serpent's tyrany....
The Dragon's Doom
Tor, May 2003, 25.95, 415 pp. ISBN: 0765302233 Though now overdukes, sorceress Embra, warrior Hawkril, thief Craer, and sorceress Tshamarra along with ex-regent Ezendor Blackgult cannot rest on their laurels. To bring peace to the realm, the Overdukes must confront those who oppose their monarch. They must fight the priests of the Serpent and the wizard Ambelter as well as their supporters if they are to make Aglirta safe. Currently the prie...
The Kingless Land
Outlawed and desperate, Craer Delnbone and Hawkril Anharu, once warriors for the Baron Blackgult who was also known as the Golden Griffin, have taken the greatest of risks to survive. Craer the thief convinces his veteran warrior friend to help him steal one of the expensive gowns of the legendary Lady of Jewels, daughter of Blackgult's archrival. However, they end up rescuing the imprisoned Lady of Jewels instead, taking the lovely Embra Silvertree wi...
The Vacant Throne
Ed Greenwood Tor, Apr 2001, 25.95, 332 pp. ISBN: 0312867220 The King's Curse kept Aglirta in a constant state of civil war as barons fought their friends and foes without a central monarch to rein them in. However, the chaos seems over because the “Band of Four” (Hawrdil the warrior, Craer the thief, Sarasper the healer, and Embra the sorceress) combined their talents with that of the magical Dwaerindim Stones to remove the curse and awakens ...

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