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Salisbury is the central focus of this novel. An eye into British culture...which comes to life in this story. From hunting and gathering--the ice age--five families pursue their dreams. All of which are focused on survival of the fittest. Domination by church leaders, kings, and ruling classes at the tribal level to the aristocracy of contemporary British times, these families forged ahead to make their mark in history. From Stonehenge and Salisbury Ca...
The Princes of Ireland: The Dublin Saga
Doubleday, Mar 2004, 27.95, 776 pp. ISBN: 0385502869 The first of two tomes to cover the history of Ireland especially in Dublin, THE PRINCES OF IRELAND is a deep look at life in Eire from about 430 AD until the early sixteenth century just on the verge of the Renaissance. The book actually contains a series of anecdotal stories starting in pre-Christian Ireland in the fifth century when a heartbreaking romance occurred between a maiden and a Ce...