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Calico Captive
Miriam Willard is a teenager, experiencing young love for the first time. The handsome Phineas Whitney promises to call on her before he leaves for Harvard, much to Miriam's delight. Before his next visit, however, Indians raid her family's home, capturing them all and dragging them deep into the forest. Miriam believes they'll all be killed, but instead they end up in Montreal. Miriam is sent to work as a servant in a wealthy household, the only one who...
The Witch of Blackbird Pond
This book is about Katherine "Kit" Tyler, a wealthy girl from Barbados, who loses her Grandfather and must travel to Connecticut to live with her only remaining family. She doesn't fit in with the Puritans living there and finds their ways odd and visa versa. She is expected to do lots of work but isn't used to it and leaves some undone to visit a Quaker woman named Hannah Tupper.The woman is a acused of withchcraft and Kit is accused of withcraft becaus...

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