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A Promising Man (And About Time, Too)
Avon, Dec 2002, 13.95, 402 pp. ISBN: 0060507845 In London twenty-nine years old Harriet Grey avoids any entanglement with John Mackenzie. Harriet believes that John is the lover of her old schoolmate Nina, a perfect female specimen whom she has envied forever. John manages to talk with Harriet, not an easy task, which leads to their initial attraction for one another growing. Desiring to trump Nina, but afraid she is ASKING FOR TROUBLE, Harr...
Asking for Trouble
Sophy Metcalfe just turned thirty so to keep her mum from going on about the horrors of a woman of her age without a man, Sophy makes up a boyfriend named Dominic. But she is going to get caught in her lie if she shows up at her younger sister's wedding without a man. To cover up her lie, she hires Josh Carmichael from an escort agency to pretend he is Dominic and go with her to the wedding. Sophy almost immediately begins lusting after handsome Jos...