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Written in verse, 15-year-old narrator Kristina reveals how she became addicted to crank, and how the stimulant turned her from straight-A student to drug addict. On a court-ordered visit to see her slimy and long-absent dad, she meets Adam. Soon, Adam introduces her to 'the monster' (there, she also unleashes a new personality, Bree). Her addiction grows, as does Bree's control over her. Her life changes quickly: Soon she's dating two guys, both of w...
This book follows the titillating lives of three female friends going through the quintessential mid-life crisis. Andrea, Holly, and Marissa are each going through their personal relationship issues. The main character, Holly, is completely unsatisfied with her perfect little life. She has a great husband who loves and supports her. She has recently lost a lot of weight and decides to start having kinky affairs around town. She sneaks around doing all ...