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All The Dead Were Strangers
Ballantine, Sep 2001, 24.00, 452 pp. ISBN: 0345439007 It has been a decade since NYPD detective Conrad Voort and Meechum Keefe seen each other. The old childhood friends share drinks in the historic White Horse Tavern in the Village, but instead of a nostalgic camaraderie, Meechum acts apprehensive and on edge. The next day, Conrad learns that Meechum has vanished leaving behind a list of five names on a napkin he wrote on in the bar. ...
Dead For Life
Simon & Schuster, June 2003, 24.00, 294 pp. ISBN: 0743244001 NYPD detective Conrad Voort is one of the richest men in the police department, his family escutcheon going back to the Revolutionary War. Conrad's biggest worry is his cousin's widow Julia is living in his posh townhouse while she's looking for another place to live. She would like nothing better than to replace Camilla in his bed and life. Conrad and his partner Mickie are escort...
The Broken Hearts Club
The BHC - Broken Heart's Club is a psychological thriller that does not come together until the very end of the book. It jumped around from plot to subplot, often annoying me to the point where I was not going to finish it. However, I'm glad I did because it does not make full sense until the entire novel is read. He explores issues such as multiple personality disorder and man's obsession with female love. The mystery surrounds the murders of several yo...