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Meet Me at Midnight
Raphael Giscard, Viscount de Fontvilliers, is a man who has been jaded against love due to his parents jaded ways. One night, he and his friends, who are known as the Bane of Society, make a wager that the love is not real, and to prove this they pick out Society's happiest looking couple, Julia Brodie and her suitor, Simon. Raphael wagers that he will seduce Julia, thus proving that true love does not exist. Julia Brodie comes a wealthy famil...
The Beauty of Bond Street
Sophie Temple is the daughter of an actress who performed not only onstage but to assorted men offstage. Having grown up with her mother and 'aunts' she is determined not to be forced into a shameful career. But when all her guardians die, she begins to run out of other options - until she finds out that Lady May Hayworth, sister of a now deceased Earl who had an affair with one of Sophie's aunts, is looking for the offspring from their relationship. Sop...
The Bliss
Jove, Jan 2003, 6.50, 352 pp. ISBN: 051513466X At one time, many snobbish grubbing mothers and their simpering daughters considered Morgan Gage one of the prime catches of the Ton as he is wealthy and handsome. Morgan learns how fast first grade meat can spoil when he falls from grace as the pariah of the Ton with no entrance to any door of the Polite Society. Everyone including family and friends firmly believe Morgan murdered his father. Tho...
The Heiress of Hyde Park
Berkley, Aug 2004, 6.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0425197786 Lord Roman Aylesgarth and illegitimate Tristan Nash fell in love, but family commitments forced him to marry for wealth. Tristan felt like a chip off the old matriarchal block and is left heartbroken, financially broke, and pregnant. Her cousin takes in Tristan, obtains work for her at a London millinery shop and helps her raise her son Andrew. Seven years later, the widowed Roman sees Trista...

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The Princess of Park Lane
Berkley, Dec 2003, 5.99, 352 pp. ISBN: 0425193268 In 1811, widow Lady May Hayworth loves her commoner paramour Robert Carsons though he keeps secrets about his past, especially his family, from her. When her beloved scoundrel of a brother dies during a duel, May feels somewhat alone because he was the only person who shared her blood until she finds a journal that her rapscallion sibling kept about his women and the children he sired. May pledg...

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