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Dayspring Dawning
Novel Book, Sept 2002, 243 pp. ISBN 1931696624 Long ago the people of Atlaua knew war and disease but one of their priests born with Psipower attracted the attentions of the S'hazons. They left their corporeal bodies long ago and are now beings of light and energy that can travel to different dimensions. They gave humanity the ability to abolish war and heal the sick. They set up the House of Lohenrin where initiates study the power and if they a...
Dayspring Destiny
Novel Books, Dec 2002, 242 pp. ISBN: 1591050472 On the world of Gaea on the island of Atlaua, the human race worshipped the S'hazons as if they were gods instead of beings of energy who left their bodies behind as they climbed up the evolutionary ladder. Now Gaea is in danger because a comet is due to hit the planet in five years and the S'hazons and those with strong khi power have left the planet and traveled to a different Gaea in the multive...
Gabriel's Gift
Sarah Jacobson couldn't help feeling like the Grinch this Christmas. While everyone else was bustling around in the cold winter weather, happily purchasing gifts for loved ones and planning a family feast, Sarah was looking forward to just another normal day at home by herself. Ever since her parents died, there were no more family Christmases to look forward to. Her perfect older brother grudgingly invited her to join them, but Sarah knew that she wa...