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High Plains Wife
Nick Gray and Mariah Scott had long ago loved each other but a misunderstanding tore them apart and ruined their friendship. Now years later Nick finds himself a widower with two young children that need looking after and he knows the perfect woman for the job. Young spinster Mariah Scott, accepts his offer of a convenient marriage and they soon find that the love they had long thought dead is still burning. Can she convince him to let her into his heart...
Malcolm's Honor
In 1280, Knight Malcolm le Farouche is commanded by King Edward to wed Elinore of Evenbough, daughter of a traitor to the king. This story is riveting as the author meshes the emotions of two people who have never felt love from family members. Mystery arises of assassination attempts on the lead characters. Who wants them dead and who is trying to oust King Edward? I really liked this story, first I have read of Jillian Hart....
The Last Chance Bride
Jacob Stone's wife died in childbirth. His daughter Emma has convinced him to send for a mail order bride. Once Libby Hodges gets off the train he decides he can not go through with the marriage. Libby has her own secret. She is pregnant or thinks she may be. It is too early to tell. When she meets Jacob, they discuss their situations and after he tells her he cannot go through with the marriage, she tells him of her baby. They are likable people,...