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Sonnet, May 2001, 6.50 ISBN: 0743417909 Anthony Hartstone, the Earl of Pentargon is closing out the estate of his recently deceased brother Arthur by selling his beloved island ABANDON to the Marquess of Camelbourne. In exchange for ridding himself of a worthless piece of granite, Anthony expects to gain the Marquess' support on a child labor reform bill. The islanders turn to Morwenna Halliwell as the only hope to change Anthony's mi...
Duncan MacElgin, official Chieftain of the Clan MacElgin, has been ordered by the King to return to Scotland and bring is Clan back into order. Duncan left his clan in disgrace, with the cloud of suspicion over his Mother's death and with a sinful reputation of debaunchery. Upon his return, he is promptly attacked, forced to strip naked while his attackers try to tar and feather him, fortunately, his warrior skills help defeat his adversaries, her...
The Husband Hunt
Pocket, Oct 2002, 6.99, 374 pp. ISBN: 0743417917 In 1814, escaping from her odious brother's latest nasty scheme of marrying her to a geriatric widower old enough to be her grandfather, Catriona Grant flees her home. In abject poverty, she seeks shelter at a third cousin's estate only to learn he died in battle three years ago. His widow, Olivia resides in the home of her brother, Viscount Rutleigh. Seeing her choices being between her brother...
The Wicked Games of a Gentleman
Lord Drake Boscastle is man with it all; looks, charm and extreme wealth. Drake decides to visit a soiree before meeting for the first time with his new mistress, and while biding his time, he meets Eloise Goodwin, the companion to one of his gambling companion's sister. He sets out to charm her, finding her not beautiful, but witty as well. Drake knows he should not pursue Eloise, so he tries to resist temptation and sees her and her young charge ...

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