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A Passionate Man
Archie and Liza Logan are a happily married couple with three children and they live in a picturesque village near Scotland. Archie is a doctor and Liza teaches in one of the local schools, where the games teacher Blaise O'Hanlon is madly in love with her. However their perfect life is interrupted by the arrival of Archie's father's beautiful, outgoing fiancee Marina de Breton who seems to charms everyone Archie knows, making him resentful. Coupled with...
Brother and Sister
Nathalie and David are the adult brother and sister mentioned in the title of the book. They are have a very strong bond, although they are not related by blood. They are both adopted. Nathalie decides that she needs to find her biological mother. She insists that David also search for his birth mother. Their adoptive mother and their spouses are threatened by their searches, but this does not deter them. Nathalie and David are both surprised by the iden...
The Men and the Girls
Julia Hunter and Kate Bain are in their late twenties, and are both having a relationship with two men in their sixties, who are also best friends. Julia is married to Hugh Hunter, a television presenter whose career is starting to crumble just as Julia's career as a TV journalist is rising. Kate is living with James Mallow, a retired professor and his eccentric uncle but is not married to him. Almost out of the blue arrives Beatrice Batchelor, a cynic...
The Rector's Wife
Anna Bouverie had accepted her position as the wife of a rector in a small village, knowing that if she took up another job she would be met with disapproval. Her life had revolved around the church, and most of her friends work for the church. Her whole attitude to her life changes when her husband Peter is not promoted and her youngest daughter suffers bullying at her school. In order to pay for school fees, Anna starts working at the local supermarke...

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