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Caught in the Act
Five Star, Aug 2003, 26.95, ISBN: 0786253355 Jessie Rhoades relocated to Florida to escape a bad marriage and to further her career as the city editor of the Fort Myers Star News. Her top journalist reports on cops frequenting local strip joints while on duty. However, word is that the story is a hoax and careers could be ruined. Jessie is driving when her brakes fail leading to a crash. She is rescued by freelance reporter Clay Christopher...
Found Wanting
Five Star September 2004 ISBN: 1594141800 In Colorado, Alaina Chancellor's mom arrives to see her vanished daughter for the first time in nine years. Not long afterward, Alaina's former lover and brother-in-law shows up and tries to rape her, but her mother intercedes. As Alaina flees again with her son Jonah (from her interlude a decade ago with her former lover), her mother dies in a car crash. Five years later in Chicago, private detec...