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Child Of The Prophecy - Sevenwaters Trilogy 3
CHILD OF THE PROPHECY Tor, Mar 2002, 26.95, 528 pp. ISBN: 031284881 Fainne enjoys her quiet life though the death of her mother hurts. However, her idyllic existence ends when her grandmother Oonagh, whom she has never seen before, visits her. Oonagh expects Fainne to undercut the prophecy of the Irish regaining their isle by destroying Sevenwaters. Fainne is a powerful sorceress in her own right who has already been trained to stop t...
Daughter Of The Forest - Sevenwaters Trilogy 1
Sorch, is the seventh daughter of the seventh son who rules Ireland. Sorcha's father marries a dangerously beautiful woman who is actually an evil sorceress. This sorceress turns Sorcha's six brothers into swans. Their only salvation is Sorcha, who has to sew six shirts made out of a weed that has thorns which burn and destroy Sorcha's hands. This book beautifully recounts Sorcha's inner strength and the adventures she goes through to save her beloved br...
Tor, Aug 2004, 27.95, 464 pp. ISBN: 0765306743 At the top of the world, Norseman Eyvind met and married local Celtic seer Princess Nessa, but the couple and their loyal followers had to struggle to survive the betrayal of his best friend Somerled (see WOLFSKIN). Several years have passed since Somerled was exiled. Widow Margaret raised her son Thorvald. He learns that his biological father was not his mother's deceased husband, but instead i...
Son Of The Shadows - Sevenwaters Trilogy 2
Liadan was a surprise. Neither her mother nor the fairy folk had counted on the predicted Sean having a twin sister. This lack of expectation gave her the power to change things, to defy what had been declared must be. But that isn't what Liadan wants. She is shy, and stays by the wall when her sister Niamh dances. She is not a leader like Sean, the heir to Sevenwaters. Yet, it is Liadan who is thrust in the midst of the enemy, forced to break away from ...

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Tor, Jul 2003, 25.95, 493 pp. ISBN: 0765306727 Ulf, already a Viking warrior Wolfskin, learns about a magical place across the sea. Believing there must be plenty of treasure and a chance to do honorable deeds in Thor's name, he decides to sail for the Orkney Islands. Young Eyvind sees this as his chance to become a Wolfskin and pleads his way onto the crew. They reach this land, but find friendly people led by a kind-hearted king Angus who ...

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