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Christina Thompson posts on 1/1/2012 Christina Thompson has just written a review of Shadowfell which you can see here
Anonymous posts on 4/21/2008 1:37:45 PM i totally agree with the comment about fainne being a "more likable character". I really like the trilogy, but the third book wasn't as forfilling as the other two books. I was really looking forward to more of Johnny and Bran. I loved them to death. Not to say that the third book wasn't good cause it kicked butt big time!!!!!!!!!!
posts on 10/10/2006 1:39:32 PM Dear Ms. Marillier, Hi my name is Jessica Becker,just to tell you a little bit about myself, I'm 16, a junior at lowville academy, I'm am an active member in many sports and clubs including, swimming, softball, soccer, french club, YAC, and FTA. I am writing to you to tell you thank you so much for writing the books that you have. I absolutly love the way you write your books. I couldn't put any of them down. My favorite was "son of the shadows". Your books are amazing, although I've read many books, written by many authors, you are by far my favorite. I am taking a college level English course this year, and we are allowed to have book talks with our teacher for extra credit. I have used all your books! My teacher was amazed at how excited I was just by reading, we talked for a long time! I was so excited to tell her about your syntax usage, and how unique the story line was. I began making connections with subjects we were learning in class from your books! My teacher was thrilled, although she did say that I needed to read other things than just fanstasy and I needed to challenge myslef with college level literature. But she was still very happy to see how your books affected me. I just wanted to tell you thank you for everything you have done for me! I love your books and you have inspired my own writings in many ways! thank you! from: your dedicated reader Jessica Becker

posts on 4/25/2006 9:30:22 PM ha! i get to start another message board! sweet! well, i can't even believe no one has posted here, because i just finished the sevenwaters trilogy, and i could fall dead on the floor right now and know my purpose in life is complete. granted, Fainne could have had a bit more of a likeable character, and i would really rather her not have been the child of the prophesy. i mean, i don't like the idea of darragh living on that lonely island. but the painted man was marvelous, and finbar amazing... and i could go on... but i'll restrain myself. ;)

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