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Out of the Dust
The verse-novel "Out of the Dust" pursues the pulse of hope that beats within even the starkest circumstances. The novel opens in January of 1934, on a struggling farm in the heart of the Oklahoma Dust Bowl. 14-year-old Billie Jo Kelby is a long-legged red-head with a talent for the piano. Although drought and economic depression make for a dismal future, Billie Jo's father (Bayard) and mother (Polly) adamantly hope for better luck and a good, long ra...
The Music of Dolphins
Mila is a young female who was found in the Anguila Cays just off Miami. She is not like other children, as she had been raised by dolphins. She was found dirty and naked, and spoke no human language. After she is put in an institution, Mila goes through a range of emotions as she learns to speak and write English, meets another child in the hospital, becomes friends with a female doctor, makes music on a recorder, and is attracted to a teenage boy....

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