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All We Hold Dear
This sequel to "Too Deep For Tears" begins in 1988 when Eva Crawford learns on her eighteenth birthday that she was adopted. She is given a letter from her birth mother which invites her to go to a friend and learn more about her family history. Eva follows this advice and is shown a Chinese chest that contains the journal of her ansestor, Ailsa Rose. From here, the narrative shifts to 19th century Scotland where Ailsa returns to Glen Affric, the Sc...
Sing to Me of Dreams
Tanu is the daughter of a Native American woman and a white man. She has never met her father, and has grown up with her mother's tribe. However, she turns down a suitor because she senses that her destiny lies away from her mother's people. When an epidemic of illness tears through her village Tanu leaves her home and spends several years at a missionary school where she is renamed Saylah. When she leaves, she accepts a position with the family of ...
Somewhere Lies The Moon
In Somewhere Lies the Moon, Kathryn Lynn Davis finishes the trilogy that she began with Too Deep for Tears, and All We Hold Dear. Ena Rose, has grown up happily in Glen Affric, a remote region of the Scottish highlands, where she plays daily with her cousin, and lives with her mother Ailsa and her grandmother Mairi. But soon she begins to experience terrible nightmares. Ailsa's half sisters have been living around the world, but they senses Ena's une...
Too Deep For Tears
During his lifetime, Charles Kitterage traveled the world and fathered three daughters. Ailsa grew up with her mother in the Scottish highlands, but she inherited her father's lust for travel. When a young englishman comes to her village she must choose between her soulmate and the opportunity to see the world with this new suitor. Li-an grew up in China, receiiving blue eyes as a gift from her father, a gift which made her an outcast. When she falls...

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