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Guilty Pleasures
Avon, Feb 2004, 5.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0060541741 In 1830 Hampshire, when her father, a renowned antiquarian dies, Daphne Wade replaces him at the Roman excavation of Trimoire, England. She will repair the artifacts and sketch the items for a catalogue. Her employer, Duke Anthony Courtland finds her work exemplary, but does not see her beyond that of an artistic drone and definitely not as a woman. On the other hand Daphne dreams of Anthony as he...
His Every Kiss
Avon, Oct 2004, 5.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 006054175X In 1827 three months has lapsed since England's greatest contemporary musician Dylan Moore fell off the horse and suffered a concussion. Now he cannot sleep nor hear the music anymore as a terrible buzzing inside his head drowns out everything. Tired, he grabs a pistol and walks to the Charing Cross Palladium where a violin playing char woman talks him out of suicide. He heeds her advice because f...
Not So Innocent
Sonnet, Dec 2002, 6.99, 369 pp. ISBN: 0671023691 In 1897 Scotland Yard detective Inspector Mick Dunbar feels ancient on his thirty-sixth birthday. However, just because he thinks he is old it has nothing to do with him handling a case. When Miss Sophie Haversham informs him that she has seen a murder while lying in bed Mick figures she suffered a nightmare, a birthday gaga gift, or is just a lunatic. Sophie realizes she does not need her power...
She's No Princess
Lucia Valenti is the bastard daughter of an Italian monarch and famous European courtesan. She has spent her life in and out of boarding schools and convents because of her penchant for scandals. When her Royal father decides to move her the palace to keep her check, she still manages to embroil herself into a scandal, only this time she also involved her legitimate sister. Fed up, Lucia's was banished to the country, but she manage's to runaway an...

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