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Charmaine is the daughter of a wealthy rancher. She has spent time giving modern lectures on marriage and children on the East Coast, and plans never to marry. Ash is a poor farmer, trying to hold his family farm together with absolutely no help from his stepmother and stepbrothers. In a desperate attempt to keep her in Kansas, Charmaine's father throws a ball so that Charmaine can meet a husband. Ash's visiting godfather helps disguise him so that...
DeButy and the Beast
DEBUTY & THE BEAST Love Spell, Apr 2002, 5.99, 351 pp. ISBN: 0505524767 Twelve years ago Anya Sedley was thought dead in the shipwreck that took the lives of her parents. However, she managed to find haven on the Caribbean Island of Puerta Sirena where the ragtag locals treated her as a Love Goddess. Anya returned to North Carolina high society, but has had trouble readjusting. Having run through a chain of tutors, governesses, and companions, ...
Desperado's Gold
Catalina Lane had just been jilted, almost left at the altar! It is true that there was no real physical attraction between her fiance, Wilson Ross, and herself, but they were good friends and had agreed that that was a good basis for marriage. Until that spineless coward told her he couldn't marry her just as she was about to walk up the aisle! She couldn't even yell at him because he had tears in his eyes! Furious and humiliated, Catalina swept out of ...
Let Down Your Hair
Love Spell, Oct 2001, 5.99, 359 pp. ISBN: 0505524511 In 1871 San Francisco, Rachel Connor feels gratitude towards her spinster Aunt Edwinna for raising her at the Sommerville Towers Hotel, but also feels like a bird in a gilded cage. Rachel does anything her aunt wants of her even if it means acting dumb and pretty while never performing work at her relative's hotel except occasionally singing. Edwinna selected Rachel's fiancÚ and the niece...

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The Indigo Blade
Set in the time before the revolutionary war, this story tells the tale of Penelope and Mary, cousins who lust after the same man, Maximillian Broderick. It's only after Penelope marries him and a heinous plot to ruin their love comes about that love is put to the truest test. With lots of plot twists and sacrifices for love, The Indigo Blade is a thrilling read and will keep you up all night....

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