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A Gift of Magic
When Nancy's parents get divorced and her mom moves her brother, sister and her to her old town in Florida, Nancy just wishes her dad and mom would get back together, a prospect which becomes unlikely when her mom starts to have a romantic interest in her old high school boyfriend. The boyfriend's job is trying to find out what extra sensory perception is, and Nancy has ESP. She doesn't want her mom's boyfriend to make her into a lab rat. The ESP was ...
I Know What You Did Last Summer
Lois Duncan's book, "I Know What You Did Last Summer", spawned the movie of the same title, and its sequal, "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer". Julie and her three friends had ran over a young boy on his bike, and killed him. In a fit of panic, they decided to drive away, and make a pact never to tell another living person. It has been a year, and the group has fallen apart. But strange accidents are happening, first to Barry, then to Helen. An...
Killing Mr. Griffin
Mark Kinney is a miss-led teenager who has had enough of his strict English teacher, Mr. Griffin. Mr. Griffin believes that an 'A' is perfect and no-one is perfect - so he gives his students average marks, which they believe are not appropriate. Mark therefore gets a group of unlikely teenagers together and he plots a plan to kidnap Mr. Griffin, to teach ‘him' a lesson. After much deliberation with his newly acquired group they start with the well-th...
Ransom by Lois Duncan, is about five teens, Dexter, Jesse, Bruce, Glenn, and Marianne that are kidnapped from their bus coming home from school. The story takes place in Albuquerque. All five students have the same thing in common, they are all from the same part, Valley Gardens (where the more wealthy people live) and that's why they were the ones who are kidnapped. I liked this book, it had a good story to it and was interesting, although there were ...

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