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Mistress of Dragons
Tor, May 2003, 25.95, 381 pp. ISBN: 0765304686 Dragons rule much of the world though they do so secretly with human props serving as monarchs and much of the enslaved race unaware of their existence. Perhaps the only exception is the isolated mountainous matriarchal nation of Seth where the Mistress of Dragons rules. The current Mistress is near death and her chosen replacement Melisande waits her turn to rule the nation and keep its people sa...
The Dragon's Son
Tor, July 2004, 25.95, 384 pp. ISBN 0765304694 Dragons would have nothing to do with humans and the Parliament of Dragons enforces that rule very strictly. However, one of the members have gone against the Parliament's ruling and mated with a high priestess, who since dragons can take on the form of a human, did not know who he really was. Two boys were the result of that coupling; Ven is a human from the waste up and a dragon from the waist do...