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Deck the Halls
Regan Rielly's father and chauffer are kidnapped. The kidnapper purposely uses Mrs. Reilly's books as a way of getting the ransom money....
He Sees You When You're Sleeping
The main character has been waiting to enter Heaven. The only way that he can be admitted is that he must return to Earth and prove his worth by helping someone in need. He is sent to help a young girl who is very lonely and does not understand why her beloved father and grandmother have seemingly deserted her. They have actually been placed in the Witness Protection Plan for their own safety, and they can later testify against a criminal group that ...
The Christmas Thief
Mary Higgins Clark & Carol Higgins Clark Simon & Schuster, Nov 2004, 21.00, 204 pp. ISBN 0743271556 Packy Noonan is a natural born con artist who is able to talk people into investing over 100 million dollars in his phony shipping company. He and his two confederates were about to cash out and leave the country when the scam was revealed. His two confederates escaped but Packy was caught and sent to jail. After serving twelve years he is freed ...

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