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Ice Station
Lieutenant Shane Schofield, call sign 'Scarecrow', and his crew of the U.S. Marines elite Recon Unit answer a distress call from an academic observatory, the Wilkes Ice Station on the Antartic Ice Shelf. Orders at first seem clear, to secure the site and its occupants. But quickly conspiracy unfolds as several of the "academics" pull guns out and begin firing at Scarecrow and his Marines. Scarecrow believes he's fighting the French, as commandos desc...
William Race, a linguist college professor, finds himself going from translating an ancient manuscript for a group of army Green Berrets, to saving everyone on the planet from a nuclear blast that would destroy life as we know it, "a planet killer". The source of the nuclear bomb comes from an ancient Incan idol known as "The Spirit of the People". Race goes on a pulse quenching struggle to keep the idol from falling into the wrong hands and fails two ti...