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Eclipse of the Sun
"Eclipse of the Sun" is the story of eight-year-old Arrow Delaney, target of a ruthless totalitarian government. The government wants to silence what Arrow witnessed when a government SWAT team eliminated members of a hippie commune and then killed nuns in a nearby religious convent. Arrow and his mother lived in the commune. The mother was killed, but Arrow escaped. He is later captured but escapes again by jumping out of a police van, running throu...
Plague Journal
Nathaniel Delaney, an outspoken critic of a ruthless totalitarian government, spends five harrowing days trying to elude the police pursuing him. He criticized his local school's Social Engineering course that taught explicit sex-ed to his grade-school children. Using public pressure, he forced the school to excuse his children and the children of other concerned parents. The classes had been questioning the children if their fathers ever sexually mol...
Strangers and Sojourners: A Novel
"Strangers and Sojourners" is the first novel in Michael D. O'Brien's series "Children of the Last Days." This novel introduces the Delaney family, touching on four generations, some seventy years. It tells how Anne Ashton from Britain and Steve Delaney from Ireland meet in Northwest Canada, fall in love, and raise a family, children and grandchildren. Disturbing trends develop in their society similar to equally disturbing things we see in our own so...