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Full Court Press
Putnam, Nov 2001, 24.95, 360 pp. ISBN: 0399147896 In New York winning is everything. Professional sports die without championships or at least a temporary draw until the victories return. The New York Knights have neither so the attendance is down. Owner Michael De la Cruz informs scout Eddie Holtz that he better come up with a superstar or find work overseas. In Europe, Eddie checks out former NBA great Earthwind, but feels raptures watc...
Wild Pitch
Putnam, Sep 2002, 24.95, 352 pp. ISBN: 0399149279 Though he was one of the reasons the Mets won a hundred games and played in the post season, young fans either never heard of Showtime Charlie Stoddard or think of him as a phenom footnote. However, Charlie, who believed in two things, baseball and partying, hurt his arm in the '88 playoffs and never came back that is until now years later at the age of forty. After years of boozing, womanizin...