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Chantal is a middle aged woman who lives with her somewhat younger lover, Jean-Marc, whom she helps support financially. She had a young child who died several years earlier, and she feels like the best part of her life is over. The couple is comfortable together, but Chantal begins to feel restless and thinks that she is no longer attractive to men. To raise Chantal's hopes, Jean-Marc sends her an anonymous love letter. He expects that Chantal w...
Irena is a Czech émigré living in France. After the fall of communism she decides to have a ‘Great Return' to Prague to visit her old friends. At the airport she bumps into Josef, an old acquaintance of hers, who she wanted to have an affair with 20 years before. They agree to meet up in Prague. However Josef doesn't remember who Irena is. Irena finds her friends aren't interested in her life in Paris. When Irena and Josef meet up they end up in be...
Life is Elsewhere
This is the story of a poet from his conception to his early adulthood. The boy is always a poet and always struggles for his independence from his overbearing mother whose greatest accomplishment in life is having the poet. The poet grows to fall in love with a woman but his love is shortlived when he becomes insanely jealous of his girlfriend's past love experience. The poet never achieves manhood and dies after betraying his girlfriend and fails to ma...
The Book of Laughter and Forgetting
This book is made up of several chapters and it reads more like a series of interconnecting short stories than a novel. The main character is Tamina, a sympathetic young woman in Eastern Europe who is just drifting along without any real goals. Her husband died after they fled their country, and now she is all alone in another country with no friends or family. Her husband was her whole life, and she fears that she will lose her memory of him. Throu...

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The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Tomas, a womanizer, falls in love with Tereza but is unable to abandon his erotic friendships, especially with Sabina. In the midst of the Czech Revolution, Tomas and Tereza long for idyllic country life and struggle with the ephemerality of their own lives in the face of their paranoia and the oppressive government. ...

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