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Titus is an average teenager in America's future: He spends his days e-chatting with friends, buying the coolest new clothes and catching the hottest parties, on or off-planet. And like everyone else he knows, Titus is forever hard-wired into the constant advertisement-information barrage known as The Feed. During a Spring Break party on the Moon, Titus meets up with a girl named Violet. She seems a little out of sorts: She likes to actually speak wi...
The Game of Sunken Places
Gregory knows his Uncle Max is not quite normal, so when he and his friend Brian go to visit and Uncle Max comes to pick them up in a horse-drawn carriage, he's not surprised. It doesn't surprise him that Uncle Max makes the boys wear knickerbockers, or that the only talking allowed at meal times is Uncle Max's mutterings. He is, however, surprised when he finds out that the boys will be expected to play a game while they're visiting, with the forest a...