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Dragon Blood
Ward of Hurog get a friend. She is Tisala, friend, fellow campaigner and warrior and the woman he loves and admires, though he has not told her so. She has been tortured, and war is in the making. For the Emperor has in his possession a weapon forged by the deaths of three dragons, rare, precious creatures Ward has reason to love ('Hurog' means 'dragon'). This weapon has such potential for devastation that Ward once again risks everything to save his...
Dragon Bones
Ward of Hurog, the heir-apparent Hurogmeten, looks and acts like a simple man . But in truth, he is nothing of the kind. Forced to hide from an abusive, corrosive relationship with his father, he plays "dumb" to protect his beloved brother Tosten (who everyone thinks has died), and his younger sister Ciarra, mute since birth due to an ancient curse. When his father dies, he meets the 'ghost' of the castle, who gives him the Hurogmeten's ring--and is m...
Night Broken
Mercy (a shape-shifting coyote) must help her mate's ex-wife against a dangerous stalker. Mercy and her Mate/Husband Adam get a call form his ex-wife for help. She is being stalked by a dangerous man that has already killed trying to get to her. So they decide to let her stay with them while they scare him off. Adam is the Alpha wolf of the region's pack. But finding the man becomes harder then it seems. While this is going on Mercy gets a visit from...
Raven's Shadow
Ace, August 2004, 6.99, 352 pp. ISBN 044101187X After nine years of fighting the Shadowed, a powerful wizard and his armies, Tier is coming home. When he stays at an inn he saves the life of a Traveler, a powerful mage in a land that hates people who use magic. When they arrive at his village, he marries the mage Seraph and they start out their married life farming a piece of land nobody else would touch. They have three children all of whom h...

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