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Blind Run
Ballantine, April 2003, 23.95, 336 pp. ISBN 0345443225 Three years ago, Ethan Decker worked for the CIA. His assignment, along with his team was to assassinate a rogue agent known as Marcia Ramirez AKA the Spaniard. Something went wrong and Ramirez got away but someone on the team killed an innocent child. Not long after that, The Spaniard killed almost everyone on Ethan's teams as well as Ethan's son Nicky. Ethan holes up in the desert ...
Out of Reach
Ballantine, Jan 2004, 23.95 ISBN: 0345443209 CIA Agent Erin Baker blames herself for what happened to her younger sister. When Erin was twelve, she was supposed to watch her eight year old sister Claire. Instead she was to busy playing and someone abducted Claire. A few years later Claire was found, but was not the same person. Now Claire resides in an institution while Erin and a family friend raise her niece Janice. As the news flashes a...