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The Chosen
Carnelian's father was in exile, but is recalled to preside over the selection of one of the dying emperor's two sons as next emperor. Carnelian is heir to one of the most powerful lords in an opressive and sadistic society, but has been brought up by slaves who he has always regarded as family. He has to watch as his old home is torn apart, most of his household are abandoned to starvation, his half brothers are treated as slaves or killed by oth...
The Standing Dead
Osidian, emperor elect, and Carnelian, son of ruling Lord Suth, have been kidnapped and sent to their deaths as slaves. They pass into the hands of tomb robbers then raiders while Carnelian tries to keep injured Osidian alive as they run from their enemies in the Guarded land. Osidian shows some of the talents of Lords of Osrakum and begins to establish a reputation as a warrior amongst the plainsmen who have captured them. Carnelian uses memories of his...