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Jonathan Livingston Seagull
The whole story is about a seagull. In the beginning of the story it describes how the main character; "Jonathon" lives with the other seagulls and how he is supposed to live by the rules of the flock. Jonathon breaks the rules of the flock by practicing flying, going higher and faster than any seagull has ever flown. At one point in his practicing flying faster, he nearly crashes into one of the other seagulls and gets banished for disobeying t...
The author is flying his plane when suddenly "space shifted and time bent." When he lands he is in the proper location, but in the wrong time. He meets up with himself, but he is an altered person. This other self is the person he would have been had he made different choices in life. The author continues his journey by flying and landing his plane at different points and discovering the different selves he could have become the good selves and the not...
The Last War: Detective Ferrets and the Golden Deed
Scribner, Oct 2003, 10.00, 160 pp. ISBN: 0743227565 On earth Shamrock Ferret has always answered questions almost from the day she was born so it is not surprising that she especially enjoys responding to those inquiries that seem impossible to obtain a reply. Her upbringing became her work and her skills have earned her a reputation as a successful sleuth. What Shamrock does is sit in the Cases Unsolved Chair to ponder the puzzle until she fi...